Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Nepal Peak Climbing

Nepal is world famous for mountaineering and peak climbing. Few places in the world have such fascinating and glittering peaks and such astounding natural beauty. Nepal is, hemmed by the Himalaya which make it a mountainous country with plenty to offer in the way of peak climbing for the experienced or armature climber. Nepal boasts a reputation of having eight highest peaks in the world including Mount Everest. Most people coming to Nepal to climb peaks with us experience a high success rate and leave thee country having made an amazing achievement.

For Peak climbing, the partakers must be in good physical conditions with health sound and climbing experience. Since our company is registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Association, we are highly qualified to provide you with a peak climbing expedition. Our experienced guides will provide you with all the knowledge and information you need along the way to make your trip a successful summit. Our guides are all professional and have sound knowledge of the climbing routes and trails. So you will gain much more excitement and memorable experience.
The best Peak Climbing Seasons in Nepal are autumn, winter, spring and summer.

Peak climbing is like high altitude trekking. You will have the chance to summit peaks between 6000 to 7000 meters. Some of the peaks are trek up but most will require you to do some climbing. Climbing and high altitude skills and experience are required. There are a few peaks that you can do alone with a guide only, but most require you to be in a group of join an expedition or climbing group. Peak climbing is a great grounds for gaining experience at high altitudes, honing your ice and rock climbing skills and gaining the fitness and strength required to go on and attempt 8000m peaks.

Nepal offers a staggering array of stunning peaks for you to climb and trek up, all set in pristine wilderness. For the most part, the expeditions will be camping, with some teahouse lodging available on the trekking routes to the base camp. Base camps are set and looked after by the expedition staff. In most peaks you can attempt the summit from the base camp, but in some cases you will need to establish a second or higher base camp. In most cases summit attempts for trekking peaks only requires two or three days as opposed to the two or three weeks for mountains.

When Pathfinder Expeditions arranges peak treks, we arrange all the logistic for the expedition, but you will be responsible for your own personal equipment. You can see our extensive list of what’s included as a reference.

Climbing Permit
You will be required to get a climbing permit before departing on any expedition. The permit will only be issued to you if you have a registered Sidar(guide) traveling with your group, the expedition leader is required to collect the permit in person for the Nepal Mountaineering Association. The permit is valid for a period of one month and an additional fee of 25% of the original permit fee is payable per week fro a maximum of two weeks. Permit fees are not refundable after full payment is made. An additional garbage deposit is charged at US$ 450 per group, this will be refunded after the expedition has left the area in a satisfactory state. The maximum number permit able for a peak trekking group is twelve people.