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Nepal Mountaineering

Most challenging adventure in Himalayas

Not only in the trekking field is Nepal renowned, but it very much admired in the mountaineering fields. Nepal is the home to the highest mountains in the world including Mount Everest, Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Dhaulagiri, Mount Annapurna and many other peaks famous in the world of mountaineering.

In Nepal you will find eight mountaineering peaks that rise above 8000m. Nepal Himalaya has become an immense theater of mountaineering activities where thousands of men and women participate to achieve the ultimate.summiting an 8000m peak.

Nepal opened its peaks to climbers in 1949. There were many mountaineering activity in Nepal from 1950 to 1960s and all the 8000m peaks were climbed during this time.

For mountaineering the partakers must be in good physical conditions with sound health. Since our company is registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Association, our company will provide you with experienced guides and expedition staff who are familiar with all the routes and the peaks. Allowing you to have a memorable experience.
There are three seasons for mountaineering in Nepal. The pre monsoon season from April to early June and the autumn or post monsoon season of September and October.April and November are optimum times for summiting Everest.

Mountaineering is one of the most challenging and exciting past times around. Nepal is home to the Himalaya and offers a range of climbable mountains. In Nepal, to climb mountains, you must join an expedition, or have a group of your own. There are various climbing permit fees and regulations to be followed.

Mountain climbing involves an element of danger and you will be spending a lot of time at altitudes in excess of 5000m. you should be physically and mentally prepared for this and you must have previous climbing and high altitude experience, for your own benefit and that of others in your expedition.

When you join an expedition with Pathfinder Expeditions we will arrange the details for you and assist you in making the climbing permit. You can see our extensive list of what’s included for your reference. We arrange all the logistics for your expedition, but you will be responsible for your own personal equipment and clothing. It’s very important that you supply yourself with high quality functional equipment and high altitude clothing for your journey. It is our responsibility to provide the like for the expedition staff and we sensible and safely do so. We are also required to provide insurance for all staffs and you should do the same for your self, insure that it covers high altitude evacuation and mountaineering, in fact this is a requirement.

Preparation in Nepal for Expedition:

Import of foods and equipment: – Invoices and airway bill or bill of lading (four copies each) have to be submitted to the Ministry of Tourism for import license and customs clearance for the import of expedition foods and equipment to Nepal.

Communication Equipment: – such As Walkie-talkies, Transceiver (Wireless) sets and other communication equipment are controlled articles in Nepal. Please declare these articles at the customs office in the airport or other entry point and clearly state what they are to be used for. Such equipments have to be collected from the customs office by receiving permission letter from the Ministry of communication.

Rules and Regulations
As per the rules, climbers participating in mountaineering expeditions have to be over the age of 16 years.

The rules for mountaineering on major peaks require a minimum of six months advance application to the Ministry of Tourism, a royalty of US$1500 to US$10,000 depending on the elevation of the peak.

Nepal has the provision of acquiring a deposit for the managements of garbage that arises from the mountaineering activities to protect the environment of the mountain areas. Deposit has been determined as $5,000 to $4,000.depending on expedition length and size.

Nepal has been made the provision to grant the primary license on the basis of receiving advance payment based on the peak royalty. The amount has been fixed at 5% of royalty for Mt. Everest and 10% for other peaks.

According to the new provisions a sole member may also be allowed to scale the Mt. Everest from the common route with least royalty of $25,000.

Expedition with Pathfinder Expeditions
Pathfinder Expeditions is fully registered and government recognized trekking and mountaineering agency in Nepal. We can provide you with the ultimate support in organizing your Expedition. We act as your Nepal liaison to provide you experienced team leaders, guides, Sherpa’s, porters, equipment, permits and relevant paper work. Pathfinder Expeditions has years of experience organizing expeditions all over Nepal. Please contact us via our web site for a complete list of fees and requirements to obtain permits of the summit of your choice.

Booking Processing
All the mountaineering teams wishing to obtain a permit must submit an application in the form as prescribed to the ministry of culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mountaineering section Pathfinder Expeditions can issue these forms to you upon booking. Every mountaineering team, while submitting an application to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mountaineering section for a mountaineering permit should submit a map as prescribed which clearly depicts the route. Details of all team members and itinerary for length of stay in Nepal. The expedition team is required to pay the full amount of the climbing permit fee within two months of the date of permission and the permit fee must be paid directly in favor of the Ministry of culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mountaineering section, via our company.

Personal Climbing Gear Required
• Climbing boots
• Clothing- long sleeved cotton/woolen shirts, woolen long underwear, long cotton hiking trouser/shorts, down climbing trousers, down jacket, gortex jacket, lightweight fleece, suitable socks and Fleece or down vest.
• Down high altitude sleeping bag ( two)
• Harness
• Crampons
• Ice axe
• Tapes/slings
• Karabiners
• Snow bars
• Deadman
• Rock Pegs
• Helmets
• Climbing bag
• Sun cream/sun hat/ mountain sun glasses
• Gaiters
• Ascenders and descenders